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welcome to my page!

alien head with hypnotic background

this is a constant work in progress! i just started learning html and css for fun and i'm making this website to put all my weird stuff in it, so expect lots os fandom content, music and film reviews and many, many garf pics!

beware of very messy HTML, this website is not mobile friendly!
here is my brand new shiny button:


spooky vibes only!! too many tabs!! non-binary pride bitten by the blinkie bug black and green scene kid biohazard blinkie guardian gay sex (image of an et on the side) who the fuck is this horse (twilight sparkle image) touch-tone telephone the cure i play the sims oingo boingo reanimator happy halloween my chemical romance i eat microplastics

mutuals/cool people

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google chrome is EVIL piracy now! say no to web3, keep the web free best viewed with open eyes welcome to brazil!! capstasher button collection pro AO3 freak rainbow flag delete twitter, make a neocities graphic design is my passion pride now!